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Pelletized Manure

Turn Manure Into Money!

With federal Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) regulations effective January 1, 2006, the time is right for you to consider pelletizing your poultry waste and creating a new revenue source while complying with potentially burdensome government rules.

Mars Mineral's Manure Pelletizing Systems give you everything necessary to make pellets for sale to fertilizer users such as agricultural production companies, independent farmers, golf courses and commercial landscapers, and "middle men" who deal with companies that use or sell fertilizer.

The advantages of manure pelletizing are:

Our system enables you to process up to 50,000 tons (100 million pounds) of poultry waste annually.

The pelletizing process captures agriculturally valuable nutrients and minerals that originate from grain-based feed, along with organic material and humus to produce a certified organic fertilizer.

Pellets Made-to-Order

Mars Mineral is capable of designing customized manure pelletizing systems to almost any specification.

The Gold Standard

Our processing system is clean, safe and easy to understand. It consists of:

Your pelletizing system can relieve you of CAFO compliance headaches in five easy steps:

The Pin Mixer receives manure from the storage bin and feeder, mixes it with binder, pelletizes and sends the pellets to the Dryer.

The Dryer then dries and cools the pellets, discharging them onto a conveyor belt that carries them to the Screen. The Dryer can be powered by natural gas, propane or fuel oil.

The Screen removes and recycles oversized and undersized pellets, sending the “good” ones to the pellet storage bin, which is located outside the building.

The Bagger takes the pellets from the pellet storage bin and automatically fills and seals 40 lb. bags.

The Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper arrange the filled bags on pallets and stack them for shipment. The bags are then stretch-wrapped to the pallet for stability in transport.

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